That Moment when We Decided We Has to Rent One of the Apartments for Uptown Dallas

We got our notice that our lease was expiring in 30 days. They gave us the option to renew. With rent having gone up twice in one year, we were not going to renew our lease. It is not like they took the extra money and made any improvements. I had a friend who told me he just leased one of the apartments for Uptown Dallas. We wanted a place like that, but we did not know if we should do that or just put away the money. However, once we broke down and had a tour of the place where my friend lives, there was really no turning back.

My wife told me that this time she wanted big closets in our new apartment. That was all she asked for. She is not picky, and would turn a cardboard box into a home if necessary. That is one of the reasons why I love her so much. She was amazed at all the amenities of the apartment for Uptown Dallas that we looked at. One amenity if the huge closets. Both of us were kind of shocked that it was also a pet-friendly place. I never thought they would invite pets into a place like this. We could finally get a puppy. We have been talking about adopting a dog now for almost a year, but our old landlord would not allow it.

We really fell for the Routh Street Flats as soon as we toured one of the empty apartments. It is really a beautiful place. They have a clubhouse and a private dog run. The apartments are in a gated community with controlled access too. There is a rooftop terrace with fire pits. I never heard of anything like that, and I had to see it. I could seriously see us up on the roof enjoying a fire and just watching the world go by beneath us. Yes, we had to rent this place.

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