I Needed to Make Her a Pay Stub

When I suffered a stroke last year, my family never thought I would be able to live on my own again. I did have to go to rehab for a couple of months because of my condition, but I vowed that I would get back to being independent, which I have for the most part. I do need some occasional help though for different things, which is why I wanted to go online and find a pay stub maker so I could keep everything professional between the young person I hired and myself.

She is going to nursing school, so she is actually the perfect candidate to help me with some things. I mainly needed some housecleaning done, but she has helped me with much more than that. She makes sure that I have enough food to eat for the days I am not feeling well, plus she helps me with some in home therapy. She has been such a blessing to me, which is why I wanted to make sure that I paid her fairly. We agreed upon an above average hourly rate, and that she would be paid every other Friday.

She does not come in every day, nor does she work for a lot of hours on the days she does come. I keep track of everything, and then the day before she is to be paid, I go to the website where I found the pay stub maker that I use. I just put in her information along with the pay information, and a professional looking pay stub is generated. She is always surprised by the amount because I always include a bonus. She has been a blessing in my healing, and I want to be a blessing for her as well. I think we are going to be lifelong friends even when she moves on with her real career!

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