A Great Apartment for a Great Price

When it comes to apartments, there are two different kinds of people. There are the ones who want all kinds of amenities, and they don’t mind paying for them. Then, there are the people like me, who want just a basic apartment with no frills to keep the costs down. When I started looking at the best apartments in Forestville that did not have a lot of amenities, it did not take me long to find the ones at Parkland Village. These apartments are really nice, but they don’t have extras like a 24 hour fitness center, swimming pools, clubhouses and all those other amenities that jack rent prices up by a couple hundred dollars usually.

What I do care about is that the apartment is clean and in a safe area, and the Parkland Village apartments definitely fit that bill. They are located in an area where I am able to see trees rather than a lot of other buildings, and the crime rate for this area is very low. Continue reading “A Great Apartment for a Great Price”

That Moment when We Decided We Has to Rent One of the Apartments for Uptown Dallas

We got our notice that our lease was expiring in 30 days. They gave us the option to renew. With rent having gone up twice in one year, we were not going to renew our lease. It is not like they took the extra money and made any improvements. I had a friend who told me he just leased one of the apartments for Uptown Dallas. We wanted a place like that, but we did not know if we should do that or just put away the money. However, once we broke down and had a tour of the place where my friend lives, there was really no turning back.

My wife told me that this time she wanted big closets in our new apartment. That was all she asked for. She is not picky, and would turn a cardboard box into a home if necessary. That is one of the reasons why I love her so much. She was amazed at all the amenities of the apartment for Uptown Dallas that we looked at. One amenity if the huge closets. Continue reading “That Moment when We Decided We Has to Rent One of the Apartments for Uptown Dallas”

I Needed to Make Her a Pay Stub

When I suffered a stroke last year, my family never thought I would be able to live on my own again. I did have to go to rehab for a couple of months because of my condition, but I vowed that I would get back to being independent, which I have for the most part. I do need some occasional help though for different things, which is why I wanted to go online and find a pay stub maker so I could keep everything professional between the young person I hired and myself.

She is going to nursing school, so she is actually the perfect candidate to help me with some things. Continue reading “I Needed to Make Her a Pay Stub”

The Right Running Hydration Gear Makes All the Difference In

Hydration Gear

The Right Running Hydration Gear Makes All the Difference In Your Hydrating Needs Whether youre a leisure jogger, or you plan on entering the next marathon, having the right running hydration gear can make a difference in your approach to the final destination you seek to achieve! Hydration gear is starting to be an integral … Continue reading The Right Running Hydration Gear Makes All the Difference In

The Right Running Hydration Gear Makes All the Difference In Your Hydrating Needs

Whether youre a leisure jogger, or you plan on entering the next marathon, having the right running hydration gear can make a difference in your approach to the final destination you seek to achieve!

Hydration gear is starting to be an integral part of the athletes training as a runner, and when the runners limits are being pushed further and further to achieve certain personal goals your body needs the right equipment to seriously keep you fully hydrated throughout the day.

Unlike hikers and trekkers, individuals that take long runs or have intensive training programs not only need to replenish their body with cool fresh water, but they need the proper hydration gear that is lightweight and is convenient for them.

You may be able to wear a backpack style hydration system, but it may wind up too bulky, and for longer running programs, you may get very hot and sticky, which eventually will make you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Your Hydration System Should Be Designed For Performance And Convenience!

Running products on the market today are made to be extremely lightweight and have high-tech components that allow for proper airflow and evaporation. It should be no different when you search for quality running packs, and the more features you can find on a pack to help eliminate moisture, provide stability, and have proper design for your convenience, the better chance you will be happy with that product for many years of running.

Now whether youre searching the local running stores, or online, the best way to find out exactly what will work best for your needs is to compare the level of running and time you spend and measure it up to some of the current pack systems available. The last thing you want to do is spend money on an inferior water pack that will not fit your overall requirements.

The next thing you will want to determine is what youre more accustomed to using, because you may prefer bottle style packs over the bladder with the water tube style. Even though technology is advanced, you may be more comfortable using the older technology such as the basic water bottle.

Dont Buy Water Products That Have All The Bells And Whistles If Theyre Not Needed!

You want to make sure that you purchase the water hydration product that suits your style of running. If you decide to go with the super advanced system and it winds up not fitting your running style, you will waste your money and more than likely not use the pack because of the extra features getting in your way.

When you come to the hydration pack section, or the website that lists all the running packs, the first thing you should do to determine which one is right for you is see how much water capacity the bladder holds, or how many water bottles they carry.

Once you find the one with the exact ounce capacity that you require during your run, the next step is to make a list of items you need to carry on you during your run. This is an important question to ask, because there is a big difference between what you need to carry with you, and what youd like to take with you.

Im sure you would like to carry your Mini-Pinscher in your pack, but do you need to? On the other hand you may need to carry extra energy bars, dry clothing, and necessary running accessories. When you have this information readily available, it will help determine the exact size pack needed.

When running, whether it is on flat surfaces or uneven mountain trails, comfort will be a crucial part of your running packs features. Many overlook this and of course the more expensive systems have more comfort features available, however, it will come down to the level you run, and how much comfort you really need.

Many specific hydration designed running packs are produced with stable ergonomic features and are very well insulated to keep your water fresh and cool, plus they provide quality adjustable straps for complete comfort. If you decide to spend a little more money, you can get additional valuable running features such the lumbar attachment to prevent bouncing that can be very annoying to joggers, and also reflective belts for additional safety, as well as unique pockets for your pedometer, and other necessary jogging items.

I wish you all the best in finding the right hydration system, and if this summer is going to be an extremely hot one this year, keeping your body fully hydrated during an intensive run is even that much more important to you!

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Oddly enough, I’ve come to think that losing my hearing was one of the best things that ever happened to me, as it led to the publication of my first novel. But it took a while for me to accept that I was losing my hearing and needed help. I believe that no matter how … Continue reading Coping With Hearing Loss

Oddly enough, I’ve come to think that losing my hearing was one of the best things that ever happened to me, as it led to the publication of my first novel. But it took a while for me to accept that I was losing my hearing and needed help.

I believe that no matter how tough things get, you can make them better. I have my parents to thank for that. They never allowed me to think that I couldn’t accomplish something because of my hearing loss. One of my mother’s favorite sayings when I expressed doubt that I could do something was, “Yes, you can.”

I was born with a mild hearing loss but began to lose more of my hearing when I was a senior in college. One day while sitting in my college dormitory room reading, I noticed my roommate get up from her bed, go to the princess telephone in our room, pick it up and start talking. None of that would have seemed strange, except for one thing: I never heard the telephone ring! I wondered why I couldn’t hear a phone that I could hear just the day before. But I was too baffled–and embarrassed–to say anything to my roommate or to anyone else.

Late-deafened people can always remember the moments when they first stopped being able to hear the important things in life like telephones and doorbells ringing, people talking in the next room, or the television. It’s sort of like remembering where you were when you learned that President Kennedy had been shot or when you learned about the terror attack at the World Trade Center.

Unbeknown to me at the time, that was only the beginning of my downward spiral, as my hearing grew progressively worse. But I was young and still vain enough not to want to buy a hearing aid. I struggled through college by sitting up front in the classroom, straining to read lips and asking people to speak up, sometimes again and again.

By the time I entered graduate school, I could no longer put it off. I knew that I had to buy a hearing aid. By then, even sitting in front of the classroom wasn’t helping much. I was still vain enough to wait a few months while I let my hair grow out a bit before taking the plunge but I eventually did buy a hearing aid. It was a big, clunky thing, but I knew that I would have to be able to hear if I ever wanted to graduate.

Soon, my hair length didn’t matter much, as the hearing aids got smaller and smaller. They also got better and better at picking up sound. The early aids did little more than make sounds louder evenly across the board. That doesn’t work for those of us with nerve deafness, as we may have more hearing loss in the high frequencies than in the lower ones. The newer digital and programmable hearing aids go a long way toward improving on that. They can be set to match different types of hearing loss, so you can, say, increase a particular high frequency more than other frequencies.

Once I got my hearing aid and was able to hear again, I could focus on other things that were important to me–like my education, my career and writing that first novel! I didn’t realize it then, but that first hearing aid actually freed me to go on to bigger and better things.

I had long dreamed of writing a novel, but like others kept putting it off. As I began to lose more and more of my hearing, it was a chore just to keep up at work, let alone doing much else. Then once I got the hearing aid, I no longer had to worry about a lot of the things I did before, and I began to think that writing a novel would be the perfect hobby for me. Anyone can write regardless of whether they can hear. I was also determined to prove that losing my hearing would not hold me back.

My first novel was published in 1994 and my fifth in the summer of 2005. Writing turned out to be much more than a hobby, as I’ve been writing full-time for more than 10 years. I’m now hard at work on my first nonfiction work, a photo-essay book to be published in 2007. I honestly believe that I would never have sat down at the computer and banged out that first novel if I hadn’t lost so much of my hearing. Instead, I’d probably still be an editor somewhere and still dreaming about someday becoming a novelist. That’s why I sometimes think that losing my hearing was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Breast Cancer Treatment: Coping With A Mastectomy


As women, especially American women, much of our femininity is centered on our breasts. No matter where you look, there are pictures, billboards, commercials, television shows, and movies with women with these beautiful breasts and ample cleavage. The thought of losing one or both breasts, to breast cancer, can be devastating for many of us. … Continue reading Breast Cancer Treatment: Coping With A Mastectomy

As women, especially American women, much of our femininity is centered on our breasts. No matter where you look, there are pictures, billboards, commercials, television shows, and movies with women with these beautiful breasts and ample cleavage. The thought of losing one or both breasts, to breast cancer, can be devastating for many of us. Sure, there’s reconstruction, but will it ever really look the same again? Even if you have reconstruction, you’ll never have sensation there again and, for many of us, that definitely affects our sexuality.

I went through two separate mastectomies, for my breast cancer, despite the fact that I wanted them both done at the same time. Two different surgeons told me that wasn’t necessary. They found out, later, that it was, as I had the same breast cancer in both breasts. Through these surgeries, I learned a few things about what to expect, and how to get up and running again, after a mastectomy for breast cancer.

The first thing to realize is that, apart from the emotional aspect of such an operation, this is a simple surgery. The breast is composed, mostly, of fatty tissue and, of course, milk ducts and lobes. The removal of this breast tissue is way easier than operating on an organ, but carries much more emotional impact for most of us. Most surgeons will get as much of the breast tissue out as they can to help alleviate the chance of a recurrence of your breast cancer. You will typically wind up with a horizontal scar about four inches long. The scar may be red for quite a while but, ultimately, should fade to where you can hardly see it anymore.

You want to be sure to take loose-fitting, button-down shirts (raiding your hubby’s closet is helpful) with you, to the hospital, as you won’t be able to raise your arms over your head for a while. You will also need a sports bra and I would highly recommend one that fastens in the front. They will put that on you after your surgery. Typically, you should be able to stay in the hospital for one night. If you’re going to have lymph nodes removed, a small pillow, to slip under that arm, will help make you more comfortable. Check with your local American Cancer Society as they may have small pillows for you. An extra pillow to hold to your chest, if you need to cough, sneeze, or laugh, can help keep your incision from hurting.

When you wake up, you will have a couple of drain tubes for each side you have done. These tubes are important as they allow the excess fluid, which your body will produce, to drain out. If you didn’t have them, the fluid would have to be aspirated with a needle. The drains, even though they’re no fun, are better than that. These drains will have to be emptied a couple of times a day and you will have to write down how much fluid you drain so the doctor will know when you’ve slowed down enough to remove them. You may not know where to put these drains under your clothing. I pinned mine up to the sports bra and that way, they didn’t pull when I moved.

When you get home, plan on having someone there to help you for the first few days. You won’t be allowed to reach into your cabinets and definitely won’t be able to clean house or pick up your children, if you have little ones. You’ll be sent home with pain meds and definitely take them if you need them. Studies show that you will heal faster if you keep yourself out of pain, so don’t be afraid to take them as prescribed.

If you have a recliner, you might consider moving it into the bedroom as you won’t be able to lie flat for a while. You’ll need to sleep in a partial sitting position. If you don’t have one, or don’t have space for it in your bedroom, lots of pillows will work, too. That’s what I used. Just be sure you have enough pillows to keep yourself comfortable propped up.

If you would like someone who’s been there before you to visit with, be sure to call your local American Cancer Society and ask for a Reach 2 Recovery volunteer. This is an American Cancer Society program where they try to match you with one of their volunteers who have as similar experience as you’re facing. This woman will come visit you and will bring you all sorts of brochures and information on conventional treatment. She will also bring you a list of exercises you can start to do to regain your mobility and range of motion.

This is VERY important. It hurts to stretch your arm up, after surgery, but if you haven’t had reconstruction, and you don’t start soon, you will lose that range of motion. I would recommend starting to gently, slowly reach your arm up let your body be your guide the day after your surgery. This is ONLY if you have not had reconstruction. If you have, let your plastic surgeon tell you when to start stretching. Push to where it hurts just a little, but do not push too far past that. Little by little, you’ll find yourself able to stretch a little farther every couple of days.

Most of all, allow yourself to heal emotionally, as well as physically. Some of us just can’t look at that incision right away. That’s OK. Take as much time as you need. I know I felt like some kind of freak with no breasts and, even six years later, I still do sometimes. But remind yourself that these scars are your battle scars. They do not make you less of a woman. They make you a warrior.

Mothers Choice Coach Scribble Diaper Bag And Wristlet

Diaper Bag

Coach designer bags and wallets are in this year. Even mothers who have to carry a lot of baby stuff inside their diaper bags have bought Coach Diaper bags. They are not just roomy but they have sufficed both a womans aesthetic fashion need and a mothers basic practical need to get a roomy bag for her babys items.

Coach Diaper bags have variety of colors to choose from. There are diaper bags that come in natural colors like brown, black or khaki. These colors are best when you want to use your diaper bags even in meetings or work. They are also monochromatic designs of blue and pink with the usual signature C design. Yet, the top pick among mothers is the Coach Scribble Diaper Bag These Scribble designed Coach Diaper bags comes in colors blue, yellow, pink or green. The color differences are on the handle and accessories. But the scribbled C design is multicolored. Therefore, regardless of what color you would pick, it would still match a lot of outfits.

These Coach Scribble bags are not just fashionable. They are very roomy for your little babys clothes, bottles and toys. They measure 19 inches (L) x 12 inches (H) x 5.5 inches (W). The roomy bag does not just make a good diaper bags, you can also use it even if your baby has outgrown bottles and diapers time.

One of the best ways to match your Coach Scribble Diaper bag is with Coach Scribble Wristlet. These wristlet wallets are something Coach has really popularized. They are neither small nor too big. The measurement is perfect for busy mothers to put their cellular phone and some bills when they go bring their baby to shopping or malling. They have become a must have for busy mothers. Instead of fumbling their bag for their purse or cell phones, they have conveniently hanged them in one hand inside a wristlet. All they need to do is open the wristlet and get some bills, close it and leave it hanging. There is no need in opening zipper bags, search through the stack of bottles, diapers and baby clothes, and closing it back again.

Practicality is the essence of being a smart mother. Yet, style is the essence of womanhood. You would not have to sacrifice either practicality or fashion when you have become a mother.

Zithromax dosage for children by weight



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